Speaking Truths Series: What Am I In America?

Speaking Truths Series community event will be scheduled on Friday, May 31 at JASC – Japanese American Service Committee. The show starts at 7:30pm.

The theme: What am I in America?

We have have eight tellers, including:
Joan Ambo, David Barish, Kenai Class, Laila Farah, Tony Mendoza, RC Riley, Stuti Sharma, Jess White

They will be exploring their American identity in inter-sectional terms and critically examine what it means to be American at this point in time in our history.

Speaking Truths Series brings performance art to community spaces to draw attention to the critical work community organizations have been doing and to use history to bring insights to our current state of affairs. This series also integrates community members as part of the lineup.

Stop by to hear some important stories. Stories that are critical yet are hardly heard.

This event is produced and hosted by Ada Cheng, a professor-turned-storyteller, performing artist, and producer of several storytelling shows.

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