Oral History Project

Untold Stories: Oral Histories of Chicago’s Japanese American Community

Untold Stories is an intergenerational oral history project that centers the experiences of Chicago’s Japanese American community.  In partnership with the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society (CJAHS), the JASC documents personal and family stories of World War II and resettlement in Chicago.

Untold Stories seeks to fill a critical gap in WWII scholarship, which often neglects the forced migration of about 36,000 Japanese Americans who resettled in the Midwest and on the East Coast from various concentration camps.  This project also aims to capture the diversity of Japanese American experiences during and post-war, and to explore the unique roots and legacy of the local Japanese American community.

All oral histories are recorded on video by appointment only.  Oral histories may be recorded either in participants’ homes, or on-site at the Japanese American Service Committee (JASC).  All recorded materials will be archived in the JASC Legacy Center archives and the Chicago Japanese American Historical Society (CJAHS) collections, and will be made publicly available online with participant permission.

To schedule an appointment, please contact the Legacy Center by email or call (773)275-0097 x222.


Amy Kawamoto

Helen Kimura

Ross Harano

Chiyoko Omachi





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Funding for Untold Stories is provided by Alphawood Foundation and the Japanese American Confinement Sites Grant Program of The National Park Service.

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