Oral History Project – Call for Participants

The JASC Legacy Center is reviving its effort to record and preserve oral history interviews with members of the Chicagoland Japanese American community.

If you have ever considered sitting for an interview, but hesitated because you thought, “nobody would be interested in my story” or “I don’t remember much” or “I’m not who they have in mind for that project” – now is the time to re-consider!

While we are always eager to record interviews with those who had direct experience with wartime incarceration, we are equally interested in recording interviews with subsequent generations to document the long-term impact of incarceration and the full breadth of the Japanese American experience in Chicago over many decades. We would also love to record interviews with those whose voices may have been marginalized within the JA community, or who haven’t always felt a clear sense of identity or belonging.

If you are interested in recording your story, please fill out this form. Filling out the form does not commit you to recording an interview, it simply communicates your possible interest.

While we hope to conduct these interviews in person, the ever-evolving realities of the pandemic may result in some interviews being conducted remotely. In all cases, the health and safety of all participants will be a top priority.

The current round of interviews is made possible by funding from the National Park Service as part of a Japanese American Confinement Sites grant project. If you have questions about the project, please email Legacy Center Director Emma Saito Lincoln at eslincoln@jasc-chicago.org.

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