New JASC Social Media Effort

A flyer that says “Coming soon to JASC Social Media…” with a black and white picture of a small Japanese child on the left, a picture of two onigiri in the middle, and a graphic explaining a kanji character on the right. On the bottom are facebook, twitter, and instagram logos with JASC’s handles by them.
Starting in August, JASC will launch a new social media effort, so we can stay more connected, and have some fun!

Stay tuned for these weekly posts:
Monday – Faces of JASC – Get to learn a little more about one of our staff, board members, or volunteers
Tuesday – Japanese Language and Culture – quick, bite size lessons
Wednesday – Food & Cooking – Learn about Japanese and Japanese American ingredients and recipes, plus other recipes from our staff
Friday – Flashback Friday – Photos from our archives, and trivia about JASC

Plus – If you’d like updates on our food posts, and to share your own recipes and discuss food related things, please join our JASC Food & Cooking Facebook Group.

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