Living Our Culture 2014: Bringing Legacy to Life

The theme of Living Our Culture 2014 was Bringing Legacy to Life. JASC honored nine community members who actively embrace the values that JASC and our community cherish. These individuals have taken the gift of knowledge and tradition learned from previous generations and formed their own way of preserving the spirit of each era. Below are the names of our honorees and the legacy they preserve.

  • Hyogenryoku (Creative Expression)
    • Tatsu Aoki, musician and filmmaker
  • Kazoku to Komyunitei (Family and Community)
    • Alice Murata, Heiwa Terrace; Michael Takada, JASC
  • Chuseishin (Loyalty)
    • Enoch Kanaya, World War II 442nd veteran; Col. Robert Hashimoto, USMC
  • Kokoro to karada no tsunagari (Connection of Body and Mind)
    • Doug Tono, Tohkon Judo Academy; Dwight Sora, Chicago Aikido Club
  • Shosai ni chui suru (Attention to Detail)
    • Michio Iwao, Nisei wood carver
  • Jiko-ninshiki (Identity)
    • Laura Kina, artist and professor

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