Wagashi – Kohakuto Colorful Valentine Jewels Workshop

Learn Edible Jewelry Making!

Friday, February 7th
JASC – 4427 N. Clark St

Learn how to make Wagashi – Kohakuto Colorful Valentine Jewels in our special workshop led by Toshiko Sugii Steffes

Registration is now closed.  (JASC Members – $65, Non-JASC Member – $75)

This class is for adults only 

KOHAKUTO  is a kind of Japanese traditional confection, served for a Matcha Tea ceremony or also popular as a souvenir/gift. It has a unique and majestic texture, crystal outside and soft jelly inside. Recently in Japan “EDIBLE JEWELRY” has become very popular, especially among young ladies.

The ingredients are sugar, agar and water, all vegetable. Gluten free. No high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oil. This workshop will use non-GMO granulated sugar.

It takes about 3-4 days in open air to crystallize/dehydrate the outer portion of Kohakuto (about 12 hours if using a dehydrator). After this workshop please allow your Kohakuto sweets time to crystallize at home prior to serving. Materials will be provided at the workshop to take your Kohakuto sweets home.

You can eat your kohakuto jewels with a cup of tea or coffee, or put them into a glass of soda water, you will see brilliant, shiny jewelry in your glass!

About Toshiko Sugii Steffes:

Steffes is a certified Japanese sweets “WAGASHI” master designer. She has been trained in traditional WAGASHI with a well-renowned teacher, and contemporary WAGASHI with a rising star teacher.  She has been teaching and demonstrating WAGASHI making in the USA and Japan. Her first book was published in July 2016 in Japan, in September 2018 in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

“I am fascinated by the beauty of WAGASHI, which is expressive of the four seasons and nature. My creations are boundless as there is so much variety and sophistication in WAGASHI techniques.”




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