Tohkon Judo Academy

tohkonTohkon Judo Academy is an international school of judo featuring world-class instructors and competitors from more than 25 countries. The founder of modern judo, Jigoro Kano, states that judo’s aim is making the body strong, useful and healthy while building character through mental and moral discipline. More than just a sport, judo’s basic principles teach participants to strive towards harmonious development of the mind and body and serve as a cultural training ground for moral and ethical advancement.

Founded by 7th degree black belt and former U.S. World and Olympic Team member Doug Tono, Tohkon’s all-volunteer staff includes other National and Olympic Team members teaching classes for children, women and seniors, in addition to an open classes. For additional information on membership rates and class schedules, please go to www.tohkon.com or call 773-784-7766.

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