Featuring Virtual Vendors – HD 2020

Holiday Delight is a longstanding community event in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago. The festival hosts a wide variety of vendors selling one-of-a-kind goods such as fine art, jewelry, fabric arts, pottery, Japanese collectible items, and more…


This year our vendors are participating virtually – take a peek and follow the links for buying options!


Rock Candy by Helen is comprised of three distinct lines. The first features pearls & gemstones, hand-knotted on silk. The second is vintage remodeled, where gorgeous old-fashioned elements are reworked into contemporary pieces, all unique. The jewelry in the first two lines is all on-of-a-kind. A third line uses original paintings by Jon Langford, printed on acrylic pendants, and hung on a cable chain.

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Visit: www.rockcandybyhelen.com





Cori Lin is a Midwest-based Japanese//Taiwanese-American illustrator and designer specializing in portraiture, watercolor, food illustration, and culture-centered storytelling. By visualizing narratives and illuminating concepts, Cori Lin makes art that fuels action. Cori Lin’s work has been published in the LA Times, Eater Chicago, WBEZ, Curious City Chicago, and Twin Cities Daily Planet.

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Visit: CoriLinArt 




Hironobu “Nishi” Nishitateno puts his heart and soul into creating each of his handmade works of pottery. His pieces are made with natural materials and glazed with colors found in nature. Nishi’s style is based on the simplicity and functionality of Japanese pottery, enhanced by international influences. He travels with a notebook in hand, sketching designs and shapes that are worthy of incorporation into new works.

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Visit: www.nantenpottery.com





Hidden treasures is the place to shop for Japanese vintage items, antique,s and other crafts.

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E-mail or Text: (773) 209-5628





Shalini Sivaram is a contemporary realist painter following the European School of Classical style. Get your favorite photograph of your dear & near or your lovely pets turned into a piece of art,  solely hand-drawn/painted on Canvas.  Express artwork is also available in case of a last-minute gift ideas.

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Visit: www.sivaramartistry.com





Amy Tatsui is a Sansei Artisan to inspire, educate, and engage new generations about Japanese Culture. Amy Tatsui is specialized in Bags, purses T-shirts, and more!

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Etsy: MPCrafts






Sue Rosengard creates affordable, well-crafted and well-designed jewelry. The contemporary geometric shapes are structured to flatter the face or lapel of the wearer while being lightweight, easy to wear, and timeless. Sue Rosengard’s contemporary jewelry is hand fabricated primarily in silver, gold and black.

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Visit: www.suerosengard.com





Introducing Keshoume by Maaya Yamauchi bringing  Japanese beauty products across international boundaries,  building an influential, global base for innovative Japanese beauty tech.

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Visit: ww.keshoume.com





Onigiri Shuttle KORORIN is a cloud-based kitchen onigiri restaurant, delivering onigiri lunch meals to several pickup spots in Chicago.

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Hiroshi Ariyama creates screen prints of everyday scenes of Chicago and its neighborhood; tries to transform mundane urban scenes into evocative and melancholy art. Hiroshi Ariyama’s intent is to capture an emotional point in time within each scene whether it be a nostalgic reflection, simple observation, or a happy glance into a moment’s fleeting possibilities.

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Visit: www.ariyamastudio.com




SUGOi Sweets  (すごい) is a Japanese term used to express the sense of being awestruck or overwhelmed from the excitement of an experience or moment.  In English, subtle versions of the expressions “oh… wow,” “awesome,” or “amazing” would carry similar meaning.  Our goal is to bring sugoi moments to our world through the celebration of handcrafted chocolate, confections, and other goodies.

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Visit: sugoisweets.com

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