Social Work Services

The oldest of JASC’s service programs is unique among programs of its type because it encompasses a broad range of issues and is applicable to people of all ages.  The program is geared to help deal with life problems that might feel overwhelming:

  • mental and emotional problems, including anxiety and depression;
  • substance abuse;
  • family issues, including divorce, illnesses, aging parents and intergenerational issues;
  • child abuse;
  • domestic violence;
  • retirement and retirement planning;
  • cross-cultural and adjustment problems.

JASC’s Social Work Services staff are Licensed Clinical Social Workers fully accredited by the State of Illinois and have completed advanced degrees as well as having completed advanced clinical training. They are additionally trained in cultural competency, and in most instances, are bi-lingual in English and Japanese. Our social work staff also work directly with JASC’s Adult Day Services, Out of the House, and Home Support Services programs.  Referral and direction to other agencies is also provided, when appropriate.


Counseling services are adaptable to individual, couple, family, and/or group needs.  All sessions are completely confidential.  Assessment and evaluation are available.  Sessions are usually conducted at JASC, but social workers can also visit people in their homes.

Advocacy services are provided to those who are having difficulty in interactions with schools, hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, and other community care providers. The social worker can also act as an advocate in situations in which a client cannot express him/herself adequately in English.

Information and referral services are available, including recommending appropriate housing options for seniors, finding support groups and other classes and events in the community, locating legal counsel, and much more.

Case Management, which provides the arrangement and coordination of a variety of services on behalf of those who are in need, is also available.

Social Work Services are a fee-for-service program. The Clinical Social Worker is a certified service provider and therefore is required to submit third party payment claims to medical insurance plans carried by clients. Our services are Medicare approved and accepted by eligible private insurance companies. Whenever there is a co-pay balance, payment is expected from the client. For uninsured clients, a sliding fee scale is used to determine payment. Be assured that no one is refused service because of inability to pay.  Funding for these services is provided, in part, by a grant from the Japanese Mutual Aid Society of Chicago.


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