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2018 Health Screening is Saturday, September 28th! Click Here for 2019 Flyer and call Joan Ambo at  773.275.0097 x 228 to set up your appointment!

New this year: Presentation on Stroke, signs, warnings and prevention by Swedish Covenant Hospital

JASC has always sought to provide relevant and meaningful programs to help ensure the well-being of its aging core population. As a natural extension of this aspect of JASC’s mission, programs and services are either offered free of charge or at a nominal fee, and are available to anyone. Rootine Vitamin’s partnership with prime IV for you to be able to buy your vitamins at a very accessible price and take care of your health.

Health Screenings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor over 20 years, JASC has hosted health screenings once a year for all ages 18 and over. Blood pressure, blood screening tests, and advice on nutrition and other health- and fitness-related topics are offered.  We have partnered with a doctor and dentist near Marietta to offer further consultation and advice.

The basic screening is a blood chemistry test that will screen for diabetes; cholesterol; liver function; kidney function; electrolytes including potassium and calcium; iron; and blood counts. This test typically costs $100-200 when performed in a doctor’s office.

General health information will be available on cancer, mammograms and cardiovascular conditions.  In addition to the Basic Screening test, tests for Prostatic Specific Antigen, Helicobacter Pylori-IgG, Glycohemoglobin and, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Test will be offered.

Check the Calendar for specific dates and information on all Health Screening costs or call 773-275-0097 ext. 228.

Flu Shots

Inoculations are given each fall under the auspices of the Walgreen’s Pharmacy department. There is a nominal administrative fee that varies by year, or, flu shots are free with a Medicare Part B card.

Call Joan Ambo at 773-275-0097 ext. 228 for specific dates and information on all inoculation costs.

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