Donate to our Challenge Grant for Giving Tuesday!

This Giving Tuesday You Can Save a Life !

Donate to the JASC Digitization Challenge Grant to Preserve the Life Stories of Our Chicago Japanese American Forebears.

In 1975, the JASC received a federal grant to produce films and materials as part of our Issei Gerontology Project, which focused on first generation Japanese immigrants in Chicago. Four 16mm films were produced, including one which was in the Then They Came For Me exhibit last year. This was the first time that these films had been screened in over 40 years.

Today, this footage is under threat of decay, having shown signs of shrinkage, and the vinegary smell indicative of deterioration. Digitization will not only help us to be able to share these materials through the web, but will also serve as a way to “preserve” the films from destruction, by creating a copy.

Recently, we received a Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation challenge grant to raise $25,000 by July 15, 2019. If we are able to meet this challenge grant, we will receive an additional $25,000 in digitization funding. Donors need to be new donors, lapsed donors, or must give at a higher level than they had been giving before.

In the Chicago community, this collection of first generation Japanese immigrant interviews may very well represent the only such collection of such vitally important voices that we have.

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Thank you for your support, and helping save and preserve the voices of our elders!

*Gift matching form can be mailed or attached in an email to: jascinfo@jasc-chicago.org

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