Health & Wellness

2017 Health Screening is Saturday, September 30! Click Here for 2017 Flyer and call the office 773.275.0097 to set up your appointment!

JASC has always sought to provide relevant and meaningful programs to help ensure the well-being of its aging core population. As a natural extension of this aspect of JASC’s mission, programs and services are either offered free of charge or at a nominal fee, and are available to anyone.

Health Screenings

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor over 20 years, JASC has hosted health screenings once a year for all ages 18 and over. Blood pressure, blood screening tests, and advice on nutrition and other health- and fitness-related topics are offered.  A doctor is on hand to offer further consultation and advice.

The basic screening is a blood chemistry test that will screen for diabetes; cholesterol; liver function; kidney function; electrolytes including potassium and calcium; iron; and blood counts. This test typically costs $100-200 when performed in a doctor’s office.

General health information will be available on cancer, mammograms and cardiovascular conditions.  In addition to the Basic Screening test, tests for Prostatic Specific Antigen, Heliobactor Pylori-IgG, and Glycohemoglobin will be offered.

Check the Calendar for specific dates and information on all Health Screening costs or call 773-275-0097 ext. 228.

Flu Shots

Inoculations are given each fall under the auspices of the Walgreen’s Pharmacy department. There is a nominal administrative fee that varies by year, or, flu shots are free with a Medicare Part B card.

Call 773-275-0097 ext. 228 for specific dates and information on all inoculation costs.

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