Donguri Kai

A continuation of Tampopo KaiDonguri Kai provides primary-school age children an opportunity of advancement in Japanese as their heritage language that is passed down from their parents or grandparents.

This program supports children to become an independent Japanese user by providing experiences that children influence each other and promote continuous learning in Japanese language and culture.

Program Objectives:

  • Creates a positive learning environment by incorporating various activities of cultural events, singing, reading, experiments, craft, and physical activities
  • Reinforces practical conversational skills and listening comprehension
  • Builds a foundation of reading and writing Japanese letters with systematic approach
  • Supports students’ continuous learning by utilizing the JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education
  • Assists the family to foster the student’s long-term goals by providing information and resources

2018 Spring Session Registration Now Open!

Session Period: 6 weeks, April 14 – May 19 (session schedule is here)
Meeting Time: Every Saturday, 9:00am – 10:30am
Place: JASC Warehouse | 4427 N. Clark St.
Class size: Minimum 4 and maximum 12 students

Participant Requirements:

  • Between Kindergarten and 2nd grade;
  • Who are able to understand instructions in Japanese and participate in class activities accordingly, and;
  • Who are able to recognize and read Hirigana letters of own name

* All classes are taught in Japanese, and participants are encouraged to use Japanese during the class. Please use “Self Assessment Guide of Japanese Comprehension for Donguri Kai” and assess your child’s Japanese comprehension prior to registering in the program.

If you have questions about the status of your membership please contact the office at jascinfo@jasc-chicago.org or 773.275.0097.  Use this form to become a member or renew your membership.

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